About Me

Me And Gaming

I am a casual gamer, to the point it's annoying to people, but as I learned, again, in VRChat, "It is what it is". Usually you will catch me playing anythiong from Elder Scrolls Online, to Minecraft, and really anything that is casual and enjoyable.I seldomly take things seriously, and do not play to the meta of the game, entirely.
In terms of completion, there has been Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4), Halo 4 (XB1), Skyrim (XB 360), and others that will be added as I remember and also complete them.
I am also a sports fan, have been most of my life. I recently got back into hockey, and since I have friends family in and around Detroit, and have been exposed to the Red Wings for so long, I do support them. I do not know names and stuff, but I do try to keep up.
Genre of game doesn't bother me, I've played a wide array of games, and have enjjoyed all of them. As of now, I normally keep to more casual gameplay and try not to put myself into any gameplay that could hinder my mental and emotional state, but the mental and emotional state of others. I have always been against bullying in games, and have tried to keep my streams as friendly as possible. If you want to know more, feel free to visit the streams and ask.

Me And Elsewere

Whenever I am not playing games, I'm normally working, sleeping, or possibly at the park. I always take time to chill and relax, because in the hustle of every day life, it is way to easy to get caught up in menial things, and stop to, as they say, smell the roses. Every so often, I do take my drone out to fly and maybe do some recording when possible.
One of the only sports I do watch or at least keep up with to some degree is hockey. I'm a big Red Wings fan, and no I am not from there. I really want to get more into it but being inan area that is lacking hockey, it does get tough.


For as long as I've lived, Nature has always been a place to get away from life, and my computer. You'll see a lot of photos and video of me in nature when I am not gaming or streaming because it is far more exciting than many games are. If possible, I take my drone out for a spin to see if I can catch any good video or photos of various places and site, and then apply music to make videos of the scenery.
My love for nature has brought me to a variety of charities and the such, one being 4 Oceans. Also to help you keeep your health up, look at Swanson for nutritional needs and keep your body functioning.

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  • Investing

    I do invest a little, mainly into dividend based stocks. Even going into crypto, I prefer ones that do an APY. Doing these 2, will give you a passive income, and no, it will not make you rich qwquick, like some pickle dick YouTuber might twist it into. Investing, once you start learning the basics, becomes semi simple.
    If you want to listen to my take, Stock Market 101. Plus yo have the blog posting I made to accompany it, You And The Stock Market. To see my investments, look here
    As far as crypto, I do say it is a valid investent, but do your research on it, but it is not exceedingly hard to learn.

  • Number one is te buy low, sell high / mining aspect of it, which is good if you have the money to invest or ay for the electric bill.
  • Number two, staking is a thing, you invest so much, and in return, you recieve a divident of sort, good for thos who aren't sure.
  • Number three, stable coins, they are used as a base in mining pools and in crypto debit cards a lot.

  • For any crypto investing, check out these two to get more into crypto.
    for a cold wallet, visit ledger here. Having a cold wallet is good regardless of how or where you invest if you wish to take you're ctypto offchain quickly and easily.

    And for any on chain crypto check out uphold. Thay're an on chain exchange with many coins, along with the ability to invest in precious metal and fiat currencies.