The Great VR War

July 25th, 2022… All is quiet, nothing to report. July 26th, 2022… VRC Nukes it’s playerbase and community with a single updateOther platforms begin to take in refugees…VRC releases a blog addressing “feedback” July 27th, 2022… Aftermath of Overwhelming Negative Reviews on Steam hits VRCVRC releases a blog addressing “feedback” againOther platforms are on fire… Continue reading The Great VR War


Before you call yourself a prophet do you know that the prophet Isaiah was cut in half for the GOSPEL we are enjoying today… Before you call yourself a apostle, do you know that Apostles John was thrown into a pot of boiling oil, for the same GOSPEL Apostle Peter was crucified upside down and… Continue reading Christianity

Sex Trafficking And The Problems Behind It

Sex trafficking, one the the most heinous and sickening crimes to ever come out of the humanities darkest side, will always plague us. People such as Jeffery Epstein, who did not commit suicide, have been a front people for such crimes, and they should be punished according to the law. With the prosecution and guilty… Continue reading Sex Trafficking And The Problems Behind It

You And The Stock Market

The stock market is confusing to most, and even to many “experts” who study it. It goes up, it goes down, and moves all around, with no visible rhyme or reason. The big reason is external forces, i.e. politics, bankruptcy, pandemics, hurricanes, flooding, Bob in accounting slipping and falling. Ok, maybe not the last one,… Continue reading You And The Stock Market