Aliens Exist

Aliens, at the end of the day, exist. The question becomes, how that affects us? There will be some effects that will influence us, and some perceived effects that some will say alien contact will affect, but t the end, will not actually affect.

On a religious aspect, it doesn’t, religion affects us and only us, aliens will not have any influence on religious topics, because religious texts are only meant for us. Yes there is artwork depicting what many will say are alien or alien influence, but at the end of the day, will not affect religious belief. Also, one mus take into considration that they htemselves might have their own religious beliefs and ideaologies that we might share some commonalities with ours. Christianity being the biggest religious group on our planet, many have said that the religious belief will fail, when again, as I have stated, will not be affected. Those within Christianity that claim God has only created us, I will only leave with you with this, God is far more powerful than you, to say that He did not create other life forms is to only limit His powers, therefore making Him a human idea and not the God with power that are beyond human understanding.

Scientists for years have been sesrching the sky for alien life, and though there have been many planets found with areas of solar systems that would support life such as ours, it has been theorized that there could be life on planets such as Jupiter or Venus. Not all life out there would be the same as us and may very greatly depending on planetery condisitons. Many scientists and researchers would love to get their hands on the technology but one must be cautious when doing so, as of now, we are still a very violent, passionately emotional, and intellectually cold species, such technology in the wrong hands could easily destroy us, and many species, I hope, would understand this. Thus, we might only get technology that would be old, or even ancient in there time line, but still advanced for us.

When it comes to culture, this, I do believe is where both sides can be open with each other and come to a commonality, even if on a small scale. I would enjoy to see art, hear music, and experience other planets, even if its in the style of a hologram. Culture is a show of a societies intelectual, creative, religous, scientific ideas and ideals. It is show a growth with our intellectual and emotional control, our ability to show our intellectual capactiy, and our devotion to a religous idea. It would be an amazing way to share ideas and come together with alien species to find a commonality to develope friendships, alliances, and gain the trust of any species.

Hopefully we will be advanced enough, not just technologically, but intellectually and emotionally to show other galactic and intergalactic species that we can be integrated into greater commonality. We have a long ways to go in many areas of life before we will be able to become a galactic and intergalatic force. Until then though, we do need to work on ourselves, advance our technology, and become a better species overall.

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