The Cure

Society and people have many issues and problems plaguing it and us, things from social media, disease, addictions to the next dopamine hit online, and next hit of ones favored drug, drink, food or other substance of choice. People are in pain for one reason or another, most of which could be remedied with simply keeping one’s body within relative health and staying off social media for periods of the day. Unfortunately society and humanity has become diseased in a variety of ways, and sadly, it is in decline.

This decline though, is not strictly mental or social, there is a decline in births, especially within the developed worlds. The pursuit of the next video, hit of a drug, or being in VR drinking, or being alone watching porn have all contributed heavily to this decline. The biggest factor, however, are women who are choosing their career or political side over finding a mate, causing men to walk away, choosing to socialize with their peers, and in some instances going to social media, drugs, pornography, drinking, and the such because to them, including myself, why bother?

These problems within each country are allowing toxicity to boil up, leading those countries to more and more hostilities, causing wars and sanctions to occur. These hostilities that have and are developing, are causing any “cure” to be more vast and wide ranging as the people are going over much of the nonsense online. The pendulum is swinging more towards a warlike destruction of modern society, away from developed worlds gracefully leaving the world setting like a cowboy riding into the sunset, or even just a simple collapse and several years of infighting within the borders.

With the ever increase of hostility towards one another, freedoms are being stripped in the name of protection, granting the individual neither. Instead we will see our nations eventually lead the public into a government of despotism, war, fear, and inequality, all the while the elites getting rich, buying land, and forcing people into rentals, saying they will, in fact, enjoy it. By this point, any way to cure the issues with discourse and debate, will be long gone, and anarchy will become the best, and worst, option to restore countries to their glory.

Corporations are becoming more and more involved in these freedoms being stripped, aligning with communism and socialist countries to get a bigger portion of profit, and to have their product be made. These companies also try to profit off the toxicity, siding with the louder voices, although failing in some instances. They don’t take the high road or the low road, but rather the road paved in gold, and in some cases, that golden road has broken and dead bodies that have been pushing off to the side, smearing the golden road red.

Until it does happen, however, please, stay calm, talk, exchange ideas and points, and please be open. The Cure for these issues is still peaceful, but, until we can start socializing, start connecting physically, and get off of our phones, away from social media, drugs, porn, and isolating ourselves, we can still resolve many issues peacefully. Hopefully people can get into positions of power and start steering the governments and major corporations towards smaller, more manageable sizes. As unlikely scenario as it might seem, it is still possible, but only if people settle down from their emotional highs, driven by social media, drugs and porn, allowing them to talk. Hopefully this will also spur a new growth within nations as they settle down emotionally, having children, and allowing old wounds to slowly mend.

The other extreme, is complete extinction for this planet, killing off any potential we have on a interstellar stage, and how we might grow as individuals, societies, and as a species. This is something I do not wish for us, but as it stands, it is our future, and when it happens, there is no turning around. Debate and discourse is off the table, and if we manage to survive, we will only be a footnote on the interstellar scene, a species that simply couldn’t grow.

In conclusion, please do this one thing, for the future of humanity, sit down, shut up and talk like adults, this is the one cure that has the best potential. We are reaching the point of no return, and when it does occur, it is too late to talk, and if we manage to survive that, we will only repeat it until we learn from it.

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