The Great VR War

July 25th, 2022…

All is quiet, nothing to report.

July 26th, 2022…

VRC Nukes it’s playerbase and community with a single update
Other platforms begin to take in refugees…
VRC releases a blog addressing “feedback”

July 27th, 2022…

Aftermath of Overwhelming Negative Reviews on Steam hits VRC
VRC releases a blog addressing “feedback” again
Other platforms are on fire trying to accommodate 10k-20k VRC Refugees

July 28th 2022…early morning…

Discords are up in flames on all sides
Other VR platforms are drowning in caffeine and update requests
Servers are now cinders but are rebirthing anew
Friends are being made in new places
VRC accused of stealing mod coding in their own implementations
I am keeping a journal in case they come looking for me, see you in the trenches fellow refugees

July 29th, 2022

The war has ended, all sides have parted ways. The ashes of the home we once enjoyed behind us. Those of us who fled the great purge by imperial leader Tupper huddle in masses in Chillout VR and Neos VR. We huddle around fires and discuss our good memories of VRChat, and keep hope up that our new homes will grow and improve. We miss our friends of old, but have made new ones, and this is what keeps us going.

Note from author:

Firstly, this was not entirely mine, I only put in the last day but forgot who wrote the rest.

For those of you who fought, we salute you. I hope we all have a bright future together, find new friends and make new memories. We will miss you VRChat, but it is time for all of us to part ways, and make new lives.

Sidenote, I do have a website, and will be working on it over time, you do not, by any means need to look, but if you want, it’s is

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