Be A Ferengi

Anyone not familiar with Stare Trek, the title is confusing. Now, not to bore you, the simplest way to summarize the Ferengi is they are a race based on making a profit. Theres more to them, and I might dive into them later but for now, it’s a profit based race. Two of their rules for profit are “War is good for business” and next “Peace is good for business”.

Now with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, anyone who has invested in companies that make war machines such as Boeing (or possibly their suppliers) you’re making good money. Same could be said for the gas and oil sector, medical, and similar industries.

Unfortunately right now, unless you time it pretty well, it might be tough to get into those sectors, but if your wanting I’m, I’d wager the companies that go into to rebuild rebuilding materials would be good. I have yet to really dive into it much, but I’m willing to bet that anyone who does, will make a bit of money.

With this invasion though, I would still look around, Japan is arming up, same with Taiwan, Australia, much of Europe and practically everyone. Who are they buying from? Who supplies those companies with components and parts? All of this should be asked when looking at buying into companies involved in war, and if you take a broader look, you can find other companies that do well.

As I always stress, go with companies that have dividends, because you will always be making some return on your investment. Start small though, build up your portfolio, the dividends from the smaller companies, if dividend reinvestment is on, will help you buy the bigger companies, and then you will, in time, see the bigger picture.

The main stock I know of off the top of my head is Boeing, I know there’s but can’t remember them atm. Look around though, see what’s out there, and you can make money. Yes it will feel wrong because, let’s face it, war sucks and is horrible, but the money you make today, can help someone tomorrow.

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