Sex Trafficking And The Problems Behind It

Sex trafficking, one the the most heinous and sickening crimes to ever come out of the humanities darkest side, will always plague us. People such as Jeffery Epstein, who did not commit suicide, have been a front people for such crimes, and they should be punished according to the law. With the prosecution and guilty conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell, someone gets out behind bars, but I have a lot of questions, those that might make you stay up at night. What happened to the people? What happened to the assets? And most importantly, who were the clients? Unfortunately many questions will go unanswered because the powers that be do not desire them to be answered.

Many kids get lured in or abducted, and those that are tend to be 15 year old girls from America Now these stats are not fully garaunteed but we can make some assumptions based on current data, albeit the assumptions are extremely vague Now with that comes a huge problem. How does such a hyper protective nation fall prey to such atrocious crimes? Well it’s simple, people in power enjoy having sex with you g children, and unfortunately, our proud police departments assist them in this act. Now most police officers are good people, doing their job, but the few bad apples ruin it for all of them. Also with a porous border, it becomes easier to bring captured sex workers and move them around with little to no resistance. This also allows those who have money and power to obtain sex from underage makes and females, which unfortunately makes the person it happened to susceptible to mental and physical trauma that they may not be able to overcome. They will find it harder to find work, be at ease around others, and have a feeling of worthlessness along with, again, mental issues that they may very well not seek help for.

We, unfortunately, have very little control over this, but there are ways to help. Keep an eye on your surroundings, identify people who seem out of place, and keep eyes out for any identifiers of people looking to abduct people for human trafficking. . This will help tremendously in preventing the capture of unwilling people, and potentially help slow down these criminals who seek to make money off the slave labor of others. It is scary to think about or imagine doing, but in the end we can make a difference

If you see something, report it. Hopefully together, we can end this. You are the difference, fear only creates subservience. Don’t serve your inner fear, this is what they traffickers want, so be aware and follow the guide above.

Now on a side note, what happened to Epstein’s assets? The AG lost the bid to freeze his assets and this has problems such as the loss of money. Though the money there is being given to known victims, I am afraid we will never truly know the extent of how deep the network was.

Hopefully the victims will see something come their way, and with all of this, we will be more aware and, hopefully, be able to help more. Thank you for reading.

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